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Tina is Brilliant

“My 4-year-old loves Evolve. It teaches him self-control, respect, coordination, and balance, to name just a few skills. He is so proud each week when he earns his stars. Tina is brilliant, and so patient with every child – helping them to learn new skills each week. I have learned a few things, too!”

Sensei Tina is a
Great Teacher

“My 5-year-old loves Evolve Children Ltd. Self-control and self-confidence are a big part of the lessons – but there are also lots of fun and games. I feel Oliver’s confidence has grown a lot since starting Evolve. Sensei Tina is a great teacher, is fantastic with the kids, and has a lot of patience! I would definitely recommend Evolve.”

I Strongly Recommend it

“My son absolutely Loves Evolve and can't wait to go each week! It is fun, teaches self-confidence and self-control, and every session has fantastic games and activities that build physical fitness and strength. Tina is a fabulous teacher and is excellent with the children. I strongly recommend it.”

Relaxed and Friendly Environment

“Joseph loves going to karate every week. His ability to listen, follow instructions, and his general coordination skills have all improved thanks to his great teacher. It’s a lovely, relaxed, and friendly environment. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

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