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About Us

Evolve Children Ltd takes the utmost care to provide the support and encouragement your child requires to grow in confidence, improve important social skills, and learn at a pace that suits them. The relationship held between staff and students is based upon mutual respect and trust.

Our aim is to help your child develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Ultimately, we’ll work to prepare them for the challenges they’ll face as they continue to grow and encounter new experiences.

Qualified and experienced, our staff plan lessons that will encourage and challenge every child in a warm, positive way. We believe that consistent positive reinforcement builds self-confidence, the desire to try new things, and promotes personal growth.

We welcome children between the age of 2-6. At Evolve Children Ltd, we recognise that all children have different needs. That’s why our programme is designed to adapt to each child’s unique requirements, ensuring they feel the rewarding sense of achievement that is so important to their development.

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